Mountain Nazca is a Latin-American Venture Capital Firm by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Backing bold “startups eurolatinas” seek to bridge the gap between Europe and LATAM. Eduardo Amadeo, one of its founding partners shares his tips about investing in “eurolatinas”:

  • A VC Early Stage firm in LATAM part of a global network based in Switzerland. We act locally and think globally!
  • We are entrepreneurs working for and with entrepreneurs.
  • Hands on the field. Local expertise acting globally.
  • Looking for promising projects with the potential for regional expansion

1.- Keys for investing in Europe from LATAM:

Investing teams must be based and plugged in to the startup scene and local knowledge in the country in which they will invest. We highly recommend to move in and settle to gain access to the entrepreneurial culture and get to know first-hand where you invest your money.

Boards and investors need to build trust overseas. Entrepreneurs need to have presence in Europe to interact with their investors, need to get to know each build value.

  2.- Our future plans to grow

  • Bring additional capital to NM
  • Get that the European companies that are willing to invest in LATAM consider us their main partner for investing in innovation ventures and for new business development.

 3.- In terms of opportunities, I would you suggest to other entrepreneurs…..

In most LATAM countries, Spanish is our common language and we share many traits that unite us but do not be fooled, there are as many entrepreneurial ecosystems as there are countries.

It is highly recommended to understand how the ecosystem works in a country and once understood, take the leap. In our experience, it does not usually work to start ventures in several countries at the same time without knowing the different ecosystems and rules of engagement because they usually fail.

4.- How we mitigate the barriers that we have encountered when expanding internationally

In our experience, it is key to create a” good partners dynamic”. Lasting and solid relationships in the face of investment, generating trust among the different investors have proven to be key in our deals.

Some of our failures have been caused by a lack of trust among investors. How have we mitigated this barrier? In one word: Traveling.

Building face to face relationships, creating relationships based on knowledge and mutual respect … technology still today is not a substitute for personal bonding and the links we create working together and reaching out personally are far more important to build that trust. Cellphones, skype, remote conference calls, etc, are great but not enough yet.



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