BEWE is an online management and marketing platform to help beauty and wellness SMEs professionalize and get digital in Spain and LATAM. Diego Ballesteros, one the founders, shares with us what means to be a “Eurolatina” and how they made it!

BEWE was founded in 2016 by Diego Ballesteros, Carlos López and Adriana Avella. Holding based in Spain and HQ in Bogota, Colombia.

1. What makes LATAM an opportunity for
As an entrepreneur, I lived 3 years while working on my previous venture “SinDelantal” and I realized the potential of an untapped market, the digital one and the benefits of my previous experience working in Europe.

2 .Why LATAM and no other world regions?
Size and language matter! LATAM is a huge market with a huge potential, we have a common team that provides service to 18 countries in Latam with a common denominator…the Spanish language. In addition, our management team has the experience needed (LATAM is not easy).

3. How BEWE planned its expansion?
Having our HQ in Bogota was a key decision because of its location, its governance and rule of law, a functioning political and legal order,etc. Colombians are hardworking, committed and very professional when working. Our customer service center is based there supporting all region and it is proven that Colombians know their way when identifying and assessing customers’ needs and achieve satisfaction. Our expansion was as planned because we knew that we had to be based and plugged in to the local scene and knowledge in the country we planned to invest. We went through a process of what we call “tropicalization” meaning getting local talent and hands on the ground!

4. Challenges:
– Building high impact teams is one challenge we face. Hiring, developing talent and maintaining it is proven to be a hard task.
– Do not make a mistake thinking one size fits all LATAM countries.  Although common Spanish language is an asset, each country has its diversity, different laws, entrepreneurial ecosystems etc.
– Move in and be local! I highly recommend moving in and settling to gain access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, investors, networks etc…get to know first-hand where you plan to venture.
– Networking:  network everyday 24/7…it will be your best investment!

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