Fintonic is the only app specially designed to organize personal finances and save, more than 500,000 users use Fintonic every day to manage their finances.  Fintonic users have in one place, in real time, all their bank accounts transactions, credit cards movements, insurance policies, etc, linked to a system of warning alerts.

Users never miss a beat by setting up and managing custom account alerts regarding overdrafts, billing alerts, collection of duplicate commissions or charges, etc. Fintonic makes also readily available the first free credit score in Spain.  An impartial and independent score that rates how users and manage their finances. It has also created the first marketplace of loans and insurance policies, where it is possible to obtain the most advantageous credit products and policies without leaving the app.

  •    What makes Latin America or Europe a great opportunity for you?

We have managed to consolidate Fintonic as the leading personal finance management app in the Spanish-speaking world, which includes Latin America. We have a broad user base, who are active and who have received in a very positive way all the new services that have been incorporated over recent years. This gives us an expertise and knowledge of prospective users that we believe represent a competitive advantage for other markets.

We are confirming with the users the good acceptance that our app is having in the Latin American market after our first experience in Chile, where we already have 80,000 users, or in now in Mexico, where we launched some weeks ago and there is already a lot of buzz around.

  • Why Latam and no-other world regions?

The transparency offered by Fintonic services to organize personal finances and therefore save, makes a lot of sense in these markets, we provide them with huge added value, more than in other areas, and after all the market research we did we finally decided LATAM was the one. Although Spanish is an asset as the common language, LATAM markets and clients are very different and we need to customize our proposal

  •  A few lines on how your expansion was planned, executed & worked out to Latam ?

In the short term, we will focus on the consolidation of Fintonic in Chile and the development of Mexico. In the first case we are very settled and we believe that the most complicated part is already done. In Mexico, having much larger dimensions, we are aware that we have so much to do!!. However, strength and enthusiasm are not lacking and we know that if we can position ourselves in this country, it can be an important stepping stone to further development and new ventures.

  • What was the main challenge/s?

Our challenge is to connect with the users to become their indispensable assistant. For this, although I told you that there are cultural affinities, we have to be able to understand the particularities of each market. For this reason, we have to be based and plugged in to the local scene and knowledge and we are also especially attentive to what users or potential users share with us about their needs.

  • Three key learnings / recommendations for startups seeking to enter the market?
    • Deep dive the market you are willing to invest in, its regulation, competition, prospective users…There is always room for well-studied improvisation.o
    • Find good local professionals to guide you though.
    • Maximize your ability to adapt




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