InstaDom is the best app for Instagram Automation & Scheduling. The only app that lets you plan & schedule Instagram photos, stories and videos from both the web at and mobile. A Must-Have for Community Managers and Instagram users that want to save time and focus on added value task vs manual and time-consuming ones! Get to know its CEO,  Francisco Robles, and his insights about being a Eurolatina!

  1. What makes LATAM/Europe a great opportunity for startups?

In LATAM, there are very competent developers and technologies and unlike other regions, they are more competitive because of lower salaries. If you hire someone in Europe or in the USA the costs skyrocket. I like to say that in LATAM the talent & price you pay is unbeatable and go hand in hand.

  1. Why LATAM/Europe and no other regions?

Software as a service is very widespread in other markets but in Latin America, it is still an untapped market, there are many opportunities to grow. We started in Spain and the Dominican Republic because they were the markets that what we knew the most.

  1. What are the main challenges startups are facing when expanding to LATAM/Europe?

In Latam there is still a lot of mistrust regarding software business, people tend to believe that software developed abroad is better and generates more trust. There is a certain resistance to try something developed locally versus something that comes from outside

When reaching to new markets you have to value the costs of customizing the product well versus using the standard product already developed. It’s a cost issue, time, etc and if you can use something standard it’s always easier and cheaper.

Sometimes I feel there is a trust issue regarding startups because international clients, investors, etc, might prefer an up and running large software company vs a startup that is just beginning.

  1. Key learnings/recommendations for startups planning to expand to the the LATAM/European market.

It is key to be specialized and to be focused on growth. There is always a need to know where to go and what is most important, where we want to go because otherwise, many efforts are made and they are no more than a wish list. The startups that make it never lose their focus on growth and take advantage of the timing. Analyze what the market will need and be the first to do it.

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