Movizzon improves the experience of mobile web browsing world. It measures the digital channels of any company always from the point of view of the end user, the customer. With a robot that simulates being a user, Movizzon surfs the web  to check o identify software functionality problems or usability issues that businesses won’t necessarily know that their  customers or users  are encountering problems.Movizzon  in real time can pin the problem and alert the owner of the web or the app. It can also predict future behaviors and trends based on current findings

Our goal as a startup is to be a case of success in Latin America and replicate it in Spain so that it is our spearhead to enter Europe. We are clear that we want you to buy us a company, a fund etc. and for them we know that we have to have presence and business in Europe.

1. What makes LATAM a great opportunity for startups?
There has been a fundamental change of mentality in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation in the market. Before the markets, companies did not value it and the conditions for its occurrence did not exist. In our case, where our customers are banks, we have noticed that they now value innovation and have it in mind for their business. in fact some banks spontaneously have contacted us to know us. a few years ago it would not have happened … for example, banks have evolved and realized that innovation is necessary and must be inherent in their business.

2. Why becoming a serial entrepreneur?
I have a former life working for the private sector but the idea of working an average job was not rewarding. The repetitive and routine nature of working 9 to 5 did not feed my passion for creativity and innovation. It is through starting my own business that I get to freely express my drive and creativity. I would say most of entrepreneurs struggle with routine, cumbersome processes and hierarchical organizational structures and they become their bosses!

3. What are the main challenges startups are facing when expanding to LATAM?
• Flexible is the key word when planning expansion and professional versatility is the other key word that helps your startup to make the most of situations with clients and expansion. In our case, expanding to Spain is key to our goal of becoming a “Eurolatina” and that is a challenge!
• In reality, most businesses fall somewhere in between flexibility and standing up to the “ founding idea”. Given the fluid nature of business today and increasing frequency of disruption, startups are continuously transitioning through stages of change and new clients demanding new products or services. We always remind ourselves that we cannot afford complacency and we have to engage and listen to our clients’ needs to be relevant.
• Set a clear goal and devote all your positive energy towards reaching it !

As founding partners, Raul and I have had, since the beginning, a crystal clear goal and we work for that: we want to sell Movizzon and for accomplishing that outcome, we know our next move is becoming a European player. Plan your exit strategy since the beginning!

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