May 2019

Arrivedo develops curated content proximity guides for hotels and travel partners that enhance the experience for the guests and travelers of these travel providers. In addition to the quality content, Arrivedo provides the software for the integration of these guides in the websites and digital channels of each hotel group and partner. Alejandro Borasino, Arrivedo's CMO + Growth & User Adoption, shares his experience as a successful Eurolatina startup working between LATAM and Europe.

The goal of Aidicare is to prevent complications from diabetes and hypertension in patients suffering from these diseases. Thanks to a bracelet that measures the vital signs of the wearer and an app connected to it, you have access to glucose levels, cardio levels, etc... Everything happened by chance when a friend of Juan Cáceres, the founder, showed him on paper his records and logs of his diabetes follow-up. On paper today? With all the apps and cell phones, we have? That is how Aidicare was born. Juan Cáceres, its founder, shares his experience as a successful Eurolatina startup.

Anda is platform for family communication and connection that contributes to maintain and enhance the connection and communication between family members even and despite the distance. Its first product to meet this goal is an intelligent watch with 4G connectivity for children that has been a success in Latin America. Among its growth plans, the next step is to enter the U.S. and European markets with a watch for adults over 65 and a second watch for children. José Delmar, founder and CEO shares his experience and plans as a Euro-Latin startup.