June 2019

AllRide is an intelligent mobility platform based on 3 axes:
  1. Carpooling or urban and interurban car sharing that allows you to share car trips with other people who make similar routes, allowing you to make more efficient use of the car and share travel expenses. The app is secure because it uses the validation of belonging to existing trusted networks such as companies, universities, Facebook contacts, LinkedIn, etc., to build reliable profiles and choose with whom to travel safely.
  2. Optimisation of company and university car parks, which based on carpool data, can give preference to parking drivers who take more partners and therefore use the parking space more efficiently.
  3. Travel planning in corporate buses and public transport allowing to know when to pass the bus and anticipate, for example, the waiting at the stop.
Pablo Alvéstegui, co-founder of AllRide, shares his experience as a successful startup between LATAM and Europe and how  they have approached the international expansion process.

VUSECURITY is all about making cybersecurity easy for businesses. The collaborative platform integrates cybersecurity into their businesses processes, ensuring secure digital experiences while enabling companies to be more competitive with less operational risk. Sebastián Stranieri, founder and CEO of VUSECURITY shares his experience as a Euro-Latin Startup working on both continents.

Abaco Latam is a financial advisor that has developed a new risk scoring tool for the freelancers of the gig-economy, mainly people who work for collaborative economy platforms. Ábaco is a social impact startup because its long-term vision is to achieve, through a deeper analysis of the client, that interest rates can be reduced and financial planning adjusted to the profile of customers can be performed which will also allow them to understand the financial system. Founded in 2017 by Victoria Blanco Alegria , a Spanish entrepreneur who decided to leave the corporate world behind and create a start up in Colombia, Abaco. Victoria shares her story as a Euro-Latin startup.