August 2019

Devicare es una compañía de investigación y desarrollo de nuevos tratamientos médicos para enfermedades del tracto urinario. Con un novedoso tratamiento de la litiasis, Devicare es una startup fundada en Barcelona por Rosendo Garganta que comparte su experiencia como startup creciendo entre Europa y LATAM. Formo parte de una familia con tradición emprendedora en Barcelona. Mis padres y hermanos tienen pequeños negocios y en mi caso emprender surgió de manera natural. Recuerdo que durante mi MBA un profesor siempre decía que “la diferencia entre un emprendedor y un trabajador por cuenta ajena era que en casa del emprendedor siempre se hablaba de trabajo y de la empresa durante las comidas”. No sé si siempre es así, pero en mi caso concreto ¡qué razón tenía!

AmigoCloud is an online  geospatial mapping software that help businesses mapping  spatial data collection and analyze, visualize, and publish data. The municipality that has to document and map the land, the utility company that has to map its high voltage towers, the mining company that geolocates its exploration areas, all make use of AmigoCloud and its geographic and spatial information systems. It currently provides two solutions: AmigoCollect and AmigoPlatform. The first is a mobile and web application to facilitate teamwork when collecting, storing, enriching, visualizing and analyzing data, as well as creating and publishing maps. AmigoPlatform is a more advanced version intended for professional use in corporate environments for a more comprehensive and personalized analysis of georeferenced information. Ragi Yaser Burhum, co-founder of AmigoCloud, shares his experience as a successful entrepreneur growing between LATAM and Europe.  

Fitco is the management, retention and sales software & app for fitness boutique centers. Thanks to Fitco, fitness centers manage payments, class inventories, trainers management, etc. in an efficient and dynamic way. Fitco is born from a need. Andrea Baba had a fitness business and as it grew and diversified to scale she realized she needed a more sophisticated tool than her notebooks and Excel spreadsheets.   Thus was born the germ of FITCO already present throughout Latin America: Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina. In 2018 Andrea and Alexander were part of the Startup Chile program and their time in Chile was a before and after life changing experience for them.  Andrea Baba, co-founder and CEO, explains her experience growing as a Eurolatina startup about to enter the Spanish market.

Loop produces and markets quality clothing and footwear to wear outdoors or to exercise. It imports raw materials and produces locally in Ecuador with local artisans under fair trade criteria. Javier Porta, co-founder of Looop, shares his experience as a Spanish entrepreneur based in Ecuador.