Author: Sonia Puente

Lucia and Mercedes Iborra founded visualNACert in 2014. The Iborra sisters developed a visual 4.0 smart technology for agriculture that helps farmers operate sustainably, generate profitable growth and boost productivity. Lucia and Mercedes are part of the 2018 cohort of The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program.

Fintonic is the only app specially designed to organize personal finances and save, more than 500,000 users use Fintonic every day to manage their finances.  Fintonic users have in one place, in real time, all their bank accounts transactions, credit cards movements, insurance policies, etc, linked to a system of warning alerts.

Cinemad is an innovative interactive video advertising platform, that works under a business model SaaS,  that allows users to use the software online to any user simply by registering. Cinemad creates interactive campaigns for clients, distribute them cross-device, measure, and optimize to generate a higher return on investment.Mariano Lo Cane Co-Founder & CEO de Cinemad shares what means to be a Eurolatina.