Success stories

DOG HOUSER is a startup dedicated to connecting pet owners with trusted caregivers who give the same love and care as if they were their own pet. All caregivers pass strict selection filters and are trained in care issues. Pets also have emergency veterinary insurance. Get to know Lizbeth, Cofounder & CEO and her experience crossing the LATAM-EU pond!

Telanto is a technology platform that links the business world with the academic world. Through a market place, it connects challenges that companies face on a daily basis with teams of students, who provide ideas and possible ways to solve them. In 90 days, these students aided by the supervison of a professor and a representative of the company, work in a collaborative virtual space to propose feasible and high added value solutions. One of the main goals is that the students working in these challenges receive job offers from participating companies, easing ways into the job market.

Enfocus is Instant Consumer Intelligence. We help brands to talk with their clients to know their needs, experiences, expectations and thus know what product or service they can offer, how to improve campaigns, etc. Enfocus was born in Chile 3 years ago and it has been 3 years of continuous learning, to improve the software according to the needs of the clients, to understand what the users who use our app are looking for and to know better the market  given the tough competition that there is SaaS. Get to know Felipe Cordero, CEO&Founder, and his experience about being a "Eurolatina" startup!

BYHOURS is the first online hotel booking platform and app that allows you to book microstays in hotels and lets you decide the time of arrival and departure. BYHOURS has introduced a new and disruptive business model in travel industry, about micro-stays and pay-per-use and based in flexibility, which also allow hotels to increase their income, as well as monetize and optimize their resources.

Mr Jeff provides dry cleaning and laundry services online at home in Spain, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. Through its app or website customers will have their laundry washed and ironed with just one click. Dania Cotlear, CCO, shares what means to be a “Eurolatina” crossing the pond.

Movizzon improves the experience of mobile web browsing world. It measures the digital channels of any company always from the point of view of the end user, the customer. With a robot that simulates being a user, Movizzon surfs the web  to check o identify software functionality problems or usability issues that businesses won’t necessarily know that their  customers or users  are encountering problems.Movizzon  in real time can pin the problem and alert the owner of the web or the app. It can also predict future behaviors and trends based on current findings Our goal as a startup is to be a case of success in Latin America and replicate it in Spain so that it is our spearhead to enter Europe. We are clear that we want you to buy us a company, a fund etc. and for them we know that we have to have presence and business in Europe.