Success stories

Movizzon improves the experience of mobile web browsing world. It measures the digital channels of any company always from the point of view of the end user, the customer. With a robot that simulates being a user, Movizzon surfs the web  to check o identify software functionality problems or usability issues that businesses won’t necessarily know that their  customers or users  are encountering problems.Movizzon  in real time can pin the problem and alert the owner of the web or the app. It can also predict future behaviors and trends based on current findings Our goal as a startup is to be a case of success in Latin America and replicate it in Spain so that it is our spearhead to enter Europe. We are clear that we want you to buy us a company, a fund etc. and for them we know that we have to have presence and business in Europe.

Beonprice is the most comprehensive and efficient solution of Revenue Management. Based on the leading big data technology and artificial intelligence, Beonprice facilitates and optimizes price management decisions in the hotel industry.  Nuria Garcia, the Marketing&Communication Manager shares her thoughts and top tips on being a Eurolatina startup!

InstaDom is the best app for Instagram Automation & Scheduling. The only app that lets you plan & schedule Instagram photos, stories and videos from both the web at and mobile. A Must-Have for Community Managers and Instagram users that want to save time and focus on added value task vs manual and time-consuming ones! Get to know its CEO,  Francisco Robles, and his insights about being a Eurolatina!

CARTO is an open, powerful location intelligence that helps companies use location data to drive business decisions. Get to know Juanma Rodriguez-Jurado, an Argentinian based in Madrid, who knows it all regarding what means to be a Eurolatina startup! Founded in 2012 by a team of experts in geospatial development, big data analytics, and visualization techniques, CARTO is based in New York City and Spain, with additional locations in London, Washington DC, and Estonia. In LATAM, Carto is present in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

Lucia and Mercedes Iborra founded visualNACert in 2014. The Iborra sisters developed a visual 4.0 smart technology for agriculture that helps farmers operate sustainably, generate profitable growth and boost productivity. Lucia and Mercedes are part of the 2018 cohort of The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program.

Fintonic is the only app specially designed to organize personal finances and save, more than 500,000 users use Fintonic every day to manage their finances.  Fintonic users have in one place, in real time, all their bank accounts transactions, credit cards movements, insurance policies, etc, linked to a system of warning alerts.